Our Staff

You may contact any staff member at 412-364-9492. Phone extensions and email addresses are listed below. 
Pastoral Staff      
Lead Pastor Rev. Dr. D. Dean Weaver x107 email
Executive Pastor of Ministry Rev. Betsy Rumer x113 email
Pastor of Congregational Care Rev. Dr. Kevin A. Gourley x109 email
Pastor of Outreach Rev. Paul Housman x104 email
Pastor of Visitation & Senior Life Rev. Dr. Karen Anderson x129 email
Administrative Staff      
Executive Director of Operations Catherine Pavlock x105 email
Office Manager Kelly Baker x106 email
Administrative Assistant (Belong) Dee Cuffman x128 email
Publications Coordinator Susan Umble x101 email
Executive Assistant to Lead Pastor Deb Waugaman x107 email
Administrative Assistant (Stewardship) Julia Wrightstone x132 email
Communications Coordinator Katie Yarzebinski x115 email
Family Ministries Staff      
Minister to Families Martha Daniel x111 email
Preschool Director Jan Moreth x120 email
Early Childhood Coordinator Jessica Parker x127 email
Elementary Coordinator Hannah Gourley x127 email
Childcare Coordinator Jill Farrar x125 email
Director of Student IMPACT Ryan Pietryga x504 email
Middle School Coordinator Jacob Soto x503 email
Administrative Assistant for Student IMPACT Tammy Hawbaker x501 email
Facilities Staff      
Facilities Director James Dames x124 email
Housekeeping Coordinator Mark Louis   email
Custodian Bill Schmitt   email
Hospitality Coordinator Nicole Hanes   email
Connections Coordinator TBD x110 email
Missions Director Don Creasy x103 email
Women's Ministries Staff      
Women's Ministries Director Michele Holmes x130 email
Women's Ministries Assistant Joleen Clouse x102 email
Worship & Arts Staff      
Minister of Worship & Arts Jim Lueers x118 email
Administrative Assistant (Worship) Rosemarie Dunne x131 email
A/V Coordinator Michael McAdams   email
Lead Organist Gail Henry   email
Associate Organist Coral McMunn   email